Heidi Frydenhaug


Started with karting at the age of ten and continued till she was twenty years old. In that period she gained a lot of experience and some fine results. Heidi achieved twenty top three results, won the Rok Cup in 2009 and qualified to the Rok International Finale in 2008 and 2009. In 2008 she also received the Norwegian Sport Federations price for best female driver on four wheels.

Heidi started driving Seven Racing in 2009 as a rookie, a learning year for her. It was first in 2010 she started racing for results, and after a lot of fight and thirteen top three results, she could finally call herself winner of the Norwegian Jr. Rookie Cup. Heidi also took victory in NMK (Norwegian motor club) championship for both junior and senior. In the Norwegian championship she took a sixth place out of thirty three drivers, where she was the best girl, and Heidi also again received the Norwegian Sport Federations for best female driver on four wheels.
In 2013 she raced in a new car and a new series. She has been driving a Renault Clio RS III Cup car in a Norwegian series called GT4. This was also a new experience for her, with new car and new competitors, but of course she did her best and was on the podium for three out of five races.

In 2015 Heidi took a big step in her racing career into Danish Thundersport Championship, DTC.
DTC is Scandinavias most well renowned, biggest and toughest racing series, housing former and courent Formel 1, WTCC, ALMS and Le Mans drivers.




Navn: Heidi Frydenhaug
Født: 21.04.1989
Bosted: Krødsherad, Norway
Civilstatus: Samboer
Hobby: Motorsport, fysisk trening og ski
Klub: NMK Modum & Sigdal
Team: HF Racing / Team BgNor-Isoenergi

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